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News How to Play Co-op in Sonic Colors: Ultimate

This allows players to improve their time, unlock more keys, and claim more trophies through an easy process. What is a universal problem is how Sonic controls in these stages. While I have a lot of praise when it comes to the open-zone gameplay, those controls don’t necessarily translate well to cyber space levels. Specifically, I found that basic 2D platforming was incredibly awkward for precise jumps, though there are some 3D stages that highlighted issues regarding sharp turns and double-jumping.

It’s incredibly hard to believe this isn’t an actual Sega title. LakeFepered is clearly more than just a ROM making master; he’s a bona fide Sonic fan that knows we all deserve Sonic games with oomph rather than the rubbish we’ve been served in recent years. We’re talking smooth gameplay, bright colours, and no janky controls to contend with. The original Robo Blast was pretty groundbreaking for the time; one of the first Sonic 3D games on sonic emulator the scene, in fact.

Even more perplexing is that this was an issue on the Sega Genesis as well. Something that Sonic Mania accomplishes that few 2D platformers do is provide a great deal of variety and content. For example, when I fought Dr. Eggman in a game of Puyo Pop, I couldn’t help but smile. You’ll come across many different stage hazards, enemies, and of course, the previously mentioned bosses across the 12 zone campaign. Even if you try and rush through, you’ll still take at least a few hours which is impressive. However, there are a lot of secrets to be found including the chaos emeralds that are hidden within a variety of special stages.


I don’t mind when a franchise introduces a new face in a game. I think its a refreshing way to keep the series going, the only issue here is that SEGA does the same sort of plot for most of the characters. Shadow and Silver basically took the Knuckles plot and reused it. Silver is probably the most like Knuckles, since he was being used and is out to get revenge on Sonic . Designer Naoto Ohshima, who sketched all the zones out by hand, was influenced by pinball table design, filling each stage with flippers and bumpers to project Sonic in new directions like a ball-bearing.

  • @HammerGalladeBro Yeah, I’ve told this story before, but as a kid I wasn’t really into videogames much…
  • With this in mind, we’ve played through countless levels to highlight six of the best, from their time and attention paid, to the complete randomness of others, in how some fit perfectly for a Sonic game.
  • It makes sprinting through the landscapes feel almost relaxing with how natural it feels.
  • There are a few moments throughout the game that are more frustrating than necessarily innovative and that does hinder the sense of awe a bit.

The only shame here is that we don’t have any high-quality videos of images for the project. While Sonic DS looked a beauty, it featured some very bland gameplay. The game was more endless runner than 3D platformer and that hurt it in the eyes of those that played. Swiping the stylus back and forth on the touchscreen make Sonic speed up and jumping is handled by a single tap. The problem was that the demo never relied on the jump all that much. The game ended up being canceled, probably due to the fact that it was simply a bit boring as even at sonic speed you looked like you were walking at a snails pace.

Cyberspace levels are linear stages structured in a way that will be familiar to those who’ve played recent Sonic games. These more focused stages that call back to classic Sonic areas like Green Hill Zone initially seem like they could be a high point of the game. Unfortunately, those too are marred by Sonic’s poor momentum, which feels even worse in smaller spaces where players are supposed to constantly boost and go as fast as possible.

Why don’t 3D Sonic games just use driving controls?

The three playable characters are Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Each one has different abilities, but the gameplay remains fast-paced for either. Sonic Advance features a similar gameplay as the classic Sonic games. Sonic must save his friends from the series’ antagonist by finding seven Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic Origins Release Date – When is Sonic Origins Coming Out

Some of these experiments worked to a degree, while others were all-time lows for the series. In many cases, it seemed like the Sonic franchise just leached its way onto anything, and that the developers at Sega would rather be making something else entirely (quite literally in the case of the infamous “Sonic the Hedgehog ’06”). It feels so good to be able to say that again, but it’s finally happened. Sonic the Hedgehog now has a new title to his name that lives up to the series’ most iconic entries on the Sega Genesis! In fact, I might even go so far as to say that Sonic Mania outdoes them.

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